Supported scaffolding makes it possible for employees to reach the work that they do off the ground, but scaffolds are involved in thousands of employee injuries and more than 50 fatalities every year.

MARCOM's "Supported Scaffolding Safety in Industrial and Construction Environments" courses discuss the hazards that are associated with supported scaffolds, the OSHA regulations that address these hazards and what employees should do to work with them safely.
Electricity is involved in thousands of injuries and hundreds of fatalities every year. It can cause fires and explosions that result in costly property damage. But this doesn't have to happen.  MARCOM's updated "Electrical Safety" programs discuss how electricity "works", explain its "hazards" and describe the procedures and "equipment" that employees should use to avoid them.
At least two million workers report being assaulted on the job every year, but workplace violence can be prevented.

Updated "Workplace Violence" products from MARCOM discuss how employees can recognize the warning signs of aggressive behavior, defuse potentially dangerous situations and respond safely and effectively to any violence that does occur.

Find out more about "Workplace Violence" training.
Diversity in the workplace can benefit people and the companies they work for, but it can bring significant challenges as well. One of these hazards is "discrimination", which is bad for everyone and is illegal.

Four new training products from MARCOM have been created to help employees and employers embrace and encourage diversity while avoiding the pitfalls of discrimination:

"Diversity in the Workplace... for Employees"

"Diversity in the Workplace... for Managers and Supervisors"

"Preventing Workplace Discrimination... for Employees"

"Preventing Workplace Discrimination... for Managers and Supervisors"
To comply with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations for safe and secure transportation on hazardous materials, businesses that handle, ship and store of HAZMATs are required to train their employees about the DOT rules.

MARCOM can help... with updated DOT HAZMAT training products:

• "DOT HAZMAT General Awareness"

• "DOT HAZMAT Safety Training"

• "DOT HAZMAT Security Awareness"

• "DOT In-Depth HAZMAT Security Training"
Every year, workplace accidents cause millions of painful and sometimes debilitating injuries, and cost American businesses billions of dollars. But most of these incidents could have been prevented.

Updated "Safety Orientation" and "Safety Orientation in Construction Environments" products from MARCOM discuss common job-related hazards and the safe practices and equipment that employees can use to avoid them.
OSHA's 10 and 30-Hour training curricula have always been the gold standard for training employees on how to work more safely. Now MARCOM offers 10 and 30-hour OSHA-equivalent training packages for both General Industry and Construction.

Authoritative and proven effective, MARCOM's 10 and 30-hour OSHA-equivalent training is the convenient and economical alternative that employers are looking for.

MARCOM now has 1,000+ Micro-Learning courses on important Safety, Regulatory Compliance and Human Resources topics.

Running 5 minutes or less, each online Micro-Learning course focuses on a single "chunk" of information that employees need to work safely.

Accessible from any type of device, the courses are ideally suited for smartphones, letting employees choose when they can fit the training into their daily schedules... from wherever they happen to be. And it keeps safety information fresh and at the front of workers' minds.

Micro-Learning is just what employers need to make their training program leaner, more agile and cost-effective. Find out more about Micro-Learning from MARCOM here.

Silica dust can cause serious, even fatal, health problems for anyone who inhales it. To protect the more than two million workers who are exposed to this substance every year, OSHA has established rigorous standards.  MARCOM's training products on "Silica Safety in Industrial and Construction Environments" explain the hazards that are associated with silica dust, review the OSHA safety standards for industry and construction, and show employees what they can do to protect themselves from silica dust on the job.
Workplace fatigue can significantly increase the likelihood of employees being hurt, even killed, on the job. It also reduces productivity and increases expenses. MARCOM's new "Fighting Fatigue in the Workplace" products discuss the causes of fatigue, the hazards that it creates and what employees can do to avoid it.