Office Environments

People might think that employees who work in an office don't have to worry about being injured on the job. But while an office might be “less risky” than other work environments, it also presents a unique set of hazards that could potentially cause serious physical injuries. That's why all office employees need to learn about the various hazards that their work environment can present, how they can protect themselves from them and how to work well together.

MARCOM's courses for office personnel cover both office safety and human resources topics. The courses focus on creating a work environment that is physically, mentally and emotionally safe for employees, as well as keeping everyone up-to-date regarding the company’s human resource compliance requirements.

All of the topics in this library are available online in full-length interactive, "Adaptive Learning" and Micro-Learning formats, as well as VOD/video streaming and DVD courses that can be played locally at your facility.

Topic List

Back Safety in Office Environments Updated Office Environments
Computer Workstation Safety Office Environments
Conflict Resolution in the Office Human Resources, Office Environments
Fire Prevention in the Office Office Environments
Office Ergonomics Office Environments
Office Safety Office Environments
Safe Lifting in Office Environments New Office Environments
Slips, Trips and Falls in Office Environments Office Environments
Workplace Harassment in the Office Human Resources, Office Environments
Workplace Violence in Office Environments Human Resources, Office Environments