MARCOM is proud to announce the release of our three new Spanish-language courses for CMV drivers!

 “Driving Defensively for CMV/Large Vehicle Drivers: The Basics provides valuable information about how employees can protect themselves when they're driving a CMV or large vehicle… and how they can defend themselves by "looking for trouble" on the road without causing any themselves.

Driving Defensively for CMV/Large Vehicle Drivers: Handling Adverse Conditions discusses how employees can drive defensively when they are driving a CMV or large vehicle in various special conditions, and how they can prepare themselves for potentially dangerous situations on the road.

DOT Cargo Securement provides important information about the goals of the DOT's Cargo Securement Standard, the requirements that the Standard places on motor carriers and drivers, and what employees should do to ensure that the cargo on the truck they are driving stays put when they're on the road. 

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