MARCOM has just released new "industry-specific" courses on “Walking and Working Surfaces”, now available in English! These courses discuss the hazards that are associated with different walking surfaces that employees can encounter on the job, and provides practical information that they need to protect themselves from harm.

Whether we’re standing, walking or climbing, we depend on the surfaces we walk upon to provide the support we need to position ourselves properly, keep our balance and do our work safely. Yet slips, trips and falls continue to make up 20% of disabling occupational injuries, and thousands of fatalities every year. Fortunately, most of these accidents can be prevented.

These five courses on "Walking and Working Surfaces" contain valuable information about how to safely navigate walking and working surfaces in various work environments.

These courses are available online in Full-Length Interactive, "Adaptive Learning" and Micro-Learning formats as well as Video On Demand (VOD) for streaming over the internet, as well as DVD that can be played locally at your facility.