An estimated 15.5 million trucks operate on the roads in the United States. To help keep the roads safe for everyone who uses them, the Department of Transportation requires motor carriers to implement a program of regular inspection and maintenance for the trucks that they operate… whether they have a large fleet, or just a single truck. MARCOM’s new course on “DOT Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspections” discusses Federal inspection and maintenance requirements, how they apply to drivers, and how drivers can help to prevent accidents and injuries by complying with them.

Almost every day you see images in the news of a horrific accident on the highway, many of them involving large trucks. But most of the injuries that CDL drivers suffer aren’t a result of collisions at all. It’s the incidents that occur inside and around the truck, such as hooking up a trailer, loading and unloading cargo, or just getting in and out of the cab that are more likely to lead to an injury. MARCOM’s course on “Injury Prevention for CDL Drivers” discusses the most common types of injuries that are experienced by CDL drivers, and how they can be avoided.

These courses are part of our Regulatory Compliance Series and are available in both interactive online/SCORM and VOD/video streaming formats as well as DVD, and are now available in English, with Spanish versions to follow soon.

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