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GHS Construction Compliance Package

Product Line: Construction Environments

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Created specifically to assist employers in the construction environment in complying with the employee training requirements of OSHA's newly adopted GHS regulations, these products discuss the Globally Harmonized System for the Classification and Labeling of Chemicals.

All of the products... our original DVDs and full-length online courses as well as the new "Micro-Learning" and "Adaptive Learning" courses... discuss topics that are integral to employees' understanding of these issues.

This package includes the following three programs:

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9667_v0001629et GHS Construction Compliance Package - Marcom LTD

DVD Program

Model Number: V0001629ET
Price: $595.00
DVD Program

DVD programs include an easy-to-use leader's guide, as well as a training certificate, scheduling and attendance forms, and an employee quiz.  These materials are available in PDF format and are stored in a folder on the DVD.