About 2,000 eye injuries will occur today, and every day thereafter, in workplaces across the country. But they don't have to happen. MARCOM's updated training products on Eye Safety and Eye Safety in Construction Environments provide employees with the information they need to recognize and avoid eye hazards in their workplace.
The more than one million back injuries that occur in U.S. workplaces every year not only cause employees a lot of back pain, but also result in lost wages and reduced productivity. But back injuries don't have to happen.  MARCOM's new "Back Safety in Office Environments" and "Back Safety in Industrial Environments" training products discuss the situations that can lead to back injuries and what employees can do to avoid them... both at work and at home.
Thousands of fire emergencies take place in offices, industrial and healthcare facilities and other businesses in the U.S. every year. But they are preventable.

MARCOM's updated training products on "Fire Prevention in the Office", "Industrial Fire Prevention", "Fire Prevention in Healthcare Facilities" and "Using Fire Extinguishers" can provide employees with information they need to reduce fire hazards and deal with a fire emergency safely and effectively if one does occur.

Running 5 minutes or less, each online MicroLearning course focuses on a single "chunk" of information that employees need to work safely.

Accessible from any type of device, the courses are ideally suited for smartphones, letting employees choose when they can fit the training into their daily schedules... from wherever they happen to be. And it keeps safety information fresh and at the front of workers' minds.

MicroLearning is just what employers need to make their training program leaner, more agile and cost-effective. Find out more about MicroLearning from MARCOM here.

Sexual harassment is not only devastating for its victims, but also damaging to the companies they work for. It's also illegal. And trained employees can help shut it down in their workplace. Our "Preventing Sexual Harassment...for Employees", "Preventing Sexual Harassment... for Managers and Supervisors" and "Handling a Sexual Harassment Investigation" training products discuss this issue of sexual harassment, discuss what can be done to prevent it, and explain how to deal with it effectively if it does occur.

Learn more about MARCOM's updated "Sexual Harassment" training products.
Workplace violence is a serious problem in hospitals, urgent care clinics, nursing homes, doctors' offices and other healthcare facilities across the country. But employees can help to prevent this and the damage it can cause when they have the right training.

That training is available now... from MARCOM. Our new Workplace Violence in Healthcare Facilities products discuss the problem of workplace violence, review the policies and procedures that can prevent it, and show healthcare workers what they can do to help.
Welding and other "hot work" operations can lead to accidental fires as well as severe injuries and even long-term health problems among the employees who perform them. But these hazards can be avoided. Updated "Welding Safety" and new "Hot Work Safety and the Permitting Process" products from MARCOM identify the hazards that are associated with these tasks, and show employees how to avoid them.

If powered equipment is started up while it's being serviced, the person who is working on it can suffer serious injuries... even be killed. MARCOM's updated "Lock-Out/Tag-Out" products help employees to avoid these "energy-related" hazards while helping employers meet the training requirements in OSHA's "Lock-Out/Tag-Out" Standard.

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Due to continued high interest, MARCOM is continuing to offer its trade-in program for companies who have old VHS videotape safety training programs that they would like to replace with new, up-to-date DVD programs. For every VHS program that you return... from any producer... you can purchase a DVD of your choice from MARCOM's safety, health and regulatory compliance training library at 50% off our suggested list price (plus shipping and handling).

Now's the time to go through your library and get those old videotapes off your shelves... and update your training programs at the same time!

For a complete list of the programs that are available, and to get more information on MARCOM's trade-in offer, browse our DVD programs, contact your MARCOM distributor or call us at 800-654-2448.